Fall 2020 Update

This fall, students will have a unique opportunity to concentrate on growing acting skills, the foundation for all high quality theater! In addition to an exciting lineup of freshly designed classes, we will be producing a variety of non-musical, virtual plays with cast sizes ranging from 9-15. Every student cast in a play will have a named role with lines—a perfect format for our skilled directors to cultivate individual growth for young actors. Recorded via zoom and then streamed on YouTube, these performances can be easily shared with family and friends anywhere in the world! 

But wait, there’s more! We’re exploring a number of additional community-building and learning opportunities for this fall, such as small groups and a weekly “Zoom Break Time” where students can hang out with their friends, as well as a special guest series, “Along the Journey”, in which students would interact with theater professionals at the top of their game. As they are scheduled, these additional activities will be available exclusively for students enrolled in classes, their invitation already covered by tuitions.

What do tuition and production fees go towards?

In addition to covering tools like zoom licenses, show royalties and our teaching artists’ time, tuitions and fees help pay for the behind-the-scenes costs that go into maintaining a nonprofit youth theater like Journey. These expenses, such as administrative staff, insurance, warehouse space and credit card fees, though greatly reduced during scaled back operations, are still a vital piece of what makes the program possible now and moving forward.

In addition to excellent theater classes, all students enrolled this fall will receive the added bonus of free invitations to the many additional opportunities we are exploring.

For a numbers breakdown of what tuitions cover, please see below.

Total Operating Costs – Fall Session (4 months)

  • Total Payroll & Taxes – $37,299
  • Total Operating Supplies & Insurance (including Virtual Shows) – $12,948
  • Total Warehouse (Deferral price) & Utilities – $9,115
  • Total Fees – Credit Card Processing, Payroll, Filings & Background Checks – $4,486
  • Total Copier, Printing & Advertising – $3,366
  • Total Additional Misc. Expenses – $2,530
  • Fall Session Total: $69,744