Fall 2021 Update

As we welcome back the fall and a new season of Journey programming, there is a bittersweet scent in the air. We celebrate the return to two full evenings of in-person classes and the joy and energy they bring. And yet this virus continues to force flexibility, as we design and redesign performance opportunities.

Along those lines, we have made the difficult and painful decision to postpone Descendants until it can be done with fewer limitations and risks. (Please keep reading for details about “Journey Around Town (link to lower down)” – our full slate of alternative performance opportunities instead!)

This decision is due in part to increased restrictions and vaccination requirements in Washington schools, which cast doubt on whether outside groups will a) be allowed in a school at all and b) be able to perform there without requiring vaccination of staff and volunteers.

With covid cases on the rise even in kids, another factor is the risk of rehearsal or performance interruption due to potential exposures and quarantines of the cast.

Finally, the course of the virus and corresponding restrictions over the next few months are unknown at this time, but could again affect the ability to have full houses or have live audiences at all.

We mourn this postponement along with our students and families, and share the sadness at how quickly things have changed in the last few weeks. Having lived together through interrupted and cancelled performances, we are doing our best to minimize the risk of that happening again mid show. When (and, Lord willing, we do mean when) we do perform Descendants, we want our students unhindered by space or health concerns, able to be cheered on by hordes of friends and family.

We celebrate the resiliency and creativity the Journey community has consistently shown throughout the pandemic. As before, the (temporary) closure of this door has opened doors to a whole fresh set of new performance opportunities for this fall, many of which artists have dreamed and talked about for years.  Please see details below as we see what gifts we can give our wider community as we take Journey Around Town this fall!

What is Journey Around Town?

There are four in-person performance opportunities to audition for this fall, which will take students around town!  Current Journey students, ages 8 and up, may audition for one, two, three or all four different productions!

1: Flash Mob

Ever wanted to randomly burst out in dance? Ever felt the urge to bust a move in the middle of a crowd? Well now is your chance! Join us this fall for Journey Around Town and flash mob your way through Vancouver!  Bonus: Journey teachers, alumni and parents of current students are also welcome to audition for the Flash Mob!

2: Spooky Journey

Journey Theater is tackling Halloween in style!  Audition to be part of the Spooky Journey!

3: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Audio Play

We are going to take this classic novel and put it in the recently revived medium of the audio play!

4: Journey Carolers

4-part harmonies, a cappella, Christmas music–join the Journey Carolers this Christmas season to spread Christmas cheer!


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