Costume Rentals

Everything from a Tin Man to a Technicolor Dream Coat


Minimum Costume Rental is $100 (including a $2 per item restocking fee) , plus a deposit.

Rental rates are for a run of no longer than 4 weeks.  25% of the rental rate for each additional week of rental is charge for longer rental periods.

In order to reserve the Rented Item(s), Renter shall pay a Deposit of 25% of the rental fee at the time this Agreement is signed.  At the time the Rental Amount is paid, the Deposit shall become a security/damage deposit and Owner may use the Deposit to cover any amounts due from Renter under this Agreement.

All shipping, cleaning/dry cleaning and restocking fees are the responsibility of the renter.  If items are not returned clean, renter will be charged a $10 per item laundry fee or a $20 per item dry cleaning fee.

Damage/Loss Fees

Renter will pay a repair fee for any damaged items returned.  In the event that a costume is damaged to the extent that repairing is not cost- effective, then the renter will be responsible for paying for the replacement of the costume.  The full value of the costume is assessed at the time of rental and is noted on the contract.  The full value of a costume takes into account the materials needed and the labor involved in producing the costume or the cost to purchase new.

Late Return Fee

If the renter does not return rented costumes by the predetermined return date, then a late fee of 25% of the rental fee will be charged for each week past the return date.

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For more information, contact Amy Platt at a.platt@journeytheater.org or (360) 606-9655.