Summer Update

On July 2, 2020 we held Zoom Town Hall Meeting, just to let people know how things are going. Here is an overview of that meeting:

Warehouse update
We’ve been working on downsizing the amount of stuff (and therefore storage space needed) at the warehouse. This will save money and time for staff and committees, increasing efficiency and quality as we move forward. We will likely be looking for someone to take over our lease in the larger (A) unit, and will be needing to find space for costumes off site. If anyone has information on possible donated space for that, we would love to know!

We were pleased to be able to gift many loads of costumes, sets, and props to the newly formed Lovegood Performing Arts Company in Beaverton, previous Portland Journey families, and numerous other local performing arts organizations and schools.

Also, thank you to everyone who has volunteered and helped out with the effort so far!

Staff update
Our current administrative staff includes Stephen Pick (Executive Director), Rhonda Rice (Business Manager/HR), Beth Maxwell (Box Office/Registrar) and Bethany Larson (Marketing/Camps/Classes). All administrative staff are currently working half-time in order to conserve Journey’s financial resources for programming to resume.

Part-time staff include Nick Fouts (Warehouse), Amy Platt (Costumes) and Heather Bode (Show Coordinator).

Driveway Troupe
We are excited to give students a performance opportunity through our Driveway Troupe. Watch our website for more information!

Season plans
Because of all the factors to consider for programming and the constantly evolving guidelines, we plan to announce class and show opportunities session by session, rather than announcing the season all at once. We are developing a number of creative possibilities and we hope to announce Fall plans in early August.

Finances (Thrive campaign, monthly donors, general donations)
The kickoff of the thrive campaign and $30,000 raised made a huge difference–providing the cushion needed to weather the first part of the storm. This plus the government PPP funds have kept us floating for the last several months. Now, in the absence of tuition and ticket sales, we’re relying on our monthly donors to cover fixed expenses (like rent, utilities and other contracts). We’ve cut out everything we can and need more monthly support to pull through this time! Please consider helping in this way. https://journey-theater-arts-group.snwbll.com/giving-portal

Info on Oregon groups
Led by and filled with previous Journey families, Lovegood Performing Arts Company in Beaverton is off and running. Portland families are also in the process of considering starting something new or joining an existing group. We are pleased to see these groups thrive, to be working collaboratively and joyfully alongside them, and to support with knowledge and resources as we’re able!

Praying for Journey
We ask for prayer that God’s vision for what’s next for Journey and this community would come forth clear and that we would follow diligently.   We also ask for prayer for stamina and encouragement for the staff and board as they continue to do their best to keep the program moving forward.