Find a Home

Journey Theater is a family in search of a home.

sketch of a house

Although we have been blessed by the hospitality of many churches and schools throughout the years, to have one centralized space we can count on for performances, classes, rehearsals, and storage would multiply the program’s impact in every way. Whether a converted commercial building, a repurposed church building, or something in between, this family needs a permanent space to perform, build, learn, and grow.

The ideal space for us would be approximately 32,000 SF.

  • 500 seat theater (8000 SF)
  • 1 large rehearsal hall/black box theater (3,000 SF)
  • 8+ dedicated “classrooms” (8,000 SF)
  • 3+ studios (400 SF)
  • Onsite storage and work-space (scenery, costumes, etc.) (8,000 SF)
  • Ample restrooms, lobby, kitchen (4,000 SF)
  • Parking 250+ stalls
  • Central location with good access

We would love to hear from you! If you know of a place or have an idea about where to search, please reach out to our Executive Director, Stephen Pick, at s.pick@journeytheater.org.