Direction by Cole Peterson

Summer 2022

Performances to be held throughout Clark County, July 5 – 31,  2022

Children have always been fascinated by Alice’s strange and exciting adventures in Wonderland.  Now they can actually join Alice in her travels.  In this remarkable adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic, Willard Simms has created a Wonderland especially made for children.  The audience becomes a part of the forest through which Alice travels; they join her at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and even take part in that memorable croquet game with the Queen of Hearts.  The cast will  take audiences on this enchanting trip to Wonderland; it’s an experience they will long remember.


Character Descriptions:

  • Sarah – The kind narrator and guide for the performance. Also takes on the role of the “Mad Hatter”when needed. Sarah must be comfortable and confident interacting with children in the
    audience, and pulls audience members on stage to assume rolls. Improv experience would be beneficial, but not mandatory.
  • Alice – The curious and adventurous protagonist of the play. Alice glides through the story with whimsy and excitement, meeting many strange characters along the way.
  • Rabbit – A worry wart who is constantly anxious about being late. They are the messenger for the Queen and know how ill-tempered she can be, which means they always want to stay on her
    good side.
  • Caterpillar – A mysterious character that Alice encounters in Wonderland. They are kind to Alice, but in a misleading and sinister type of way. It would do one good to not trust the Caterpillar.
  • Dodo Bird – A silly, dimwitted character who frequently mixes up their pronunciation of words. They host the “Caucus Race” and help Alice make her way to the Mad Tea Party.
  • Queen – A hot-headed control freak who has a habit of “taking off the heads” of anyone she disagrees with. She is a very threatening, powerful figure in Wonderland, and poses a danger to our


Friday evening June 10 (5 min. slots by appointment only)

Callbacks: Saturday morning June 11 by invitation only



Seeking actors ages 8 – 18. Prepare a 30 – 45 second monologue.   All auditioning must bring a current headshot in addition to audition forms. Auditions are open to Journey students enrolled in a Winter or Spring 2022 class.  For more information or to sign-up for an audition spot, email Heather Bode – h.bode@journeytheater.org


Click here to see a sample theater resume.


Production Fee is $100.  Cast members must provide their own socks, shoes and makeup.


This cast will be made up of six to twelve actors.



held at US Digital (1400 NE 136th Ave)

June 16 – 6 -9pm
June 18 – 9 – 2pm
June 22 – 6 – 9pm
June 23 – 6 – 9pm
June 25 – 9 – 2pm
June 29 – 6 – 9pm
June 30 – 6 – 9pm
July 2 – 9 – 2pm



There will be performances around Clark County scheduled from July 5 – 31.   Performances will be booked based on cast availability; cast members are allowed to miss any performance dates listed on their audition form as a conflict.