Teens Reaching out to Expand the Kingdom

TREK stands for Teens Reaching out to Expand the Kingdom, and we serve as a student leadership program for Journey high schoolers (age 14-18). In TREK, older students feel empowered, grow in their strengths, serve as role models, and learn how to use their gifts to help others. You’ll also make great friends and have tons of fun while you lead!

TREK meetings are held two or three times a month on Saturday afternoons.

How will TREK look different this year?? 

    • Equal leadership opportunity! Instead of sorting into groups and identifying committee chairs, we will serve as an equal leadership team. There will not be committees or committee chairs this year. Throughout the year if a project comes up, we will delegate groups and breakout teams, but nothing will be as rigid as the committees of the past. You have more freedom to participate! 
    • Virtual Leadership! We will learn and create ideas of how to get students feeling involved, loved, seen, and heard in a virtual format. 
    • Creativity! Since this year looks different, we have room to create any new ideas that will fit this new format. Weekly devotionals? Spirit days? Random acts of kindness? Birthday wishes? Zoom break times with games? You name it. Let your creative ideas soar in this new leadership format. 
    • Leadership devotionals, training, and mentorship! Part of our team agendas will be focusing on growing in understanding our own leadership strengths, and accessing the coordinator as a mentor.  TREK students will have the opportunity to help others and grow in their own self awareness and abilities. 

Use the link below to sign up!

Any questions, comments, concerns or inquiries — email trek@journeytheater.org