Teens Reaching out to Expand the Kingdom

TREK stands for Teens Reaching out to Expand the Kingdom. We are Journey Theater’s teen leadership group devoted to growing teens in discipleship, leadership, and servanthood to our community. In TREK, older students feel empowered, grow in their strengths, serve as role models, and learn how to use their gifts to help others. You’ll also make great friends and have tons of fun while you lead!

TREK meetings are held one or two times a month on Saturday afternoons.


How will TREK look this year?? 

Our new format includes three tiers: Management (currently filled), Representatives (available), and Committee Members (available).

    • Management includes our Event Director/Finance Manager, Tech/Social Media Manager, and Secretary/Outreach Manager.  These rolse are filled by experienced TREK members, and they will be the base of the group. As our team management, they have the responsibility to take initiative for starting and completing everything TREK endeavors to accomplish. They run meetings, assign tasks, and gather and communicate information to the entire team.
    • Representatives include our Monday Night, Tuesday Night, and Production TREK Representatives. Our Representative team is our outreach team who represents us at class nights and shows. They make announcements, hand out new student gifts, run get-to-know-you games, and seek to reach kids who are in need of a friend.
    • Committee Members make the events possible by supplying ideas and volunteering to help with anything from running games, helping at the refreshments table, or signing people in.  They also help in creating the gratitude boxes, prayer boards, and encouragement boards for productions. It is important that these members be willing to volunteer to help out on whatever tasks are needed.

Benefits of being a part of TREK:

  • Leadership devotionals, training, and mentorship! Part of our team agendas will be focusing on growing in understanding our own leadership strengths, and accessing the TREK Advisor as a mentor. TREK students will have the opportunity to help others and grow in their own self awareness and abilities.

Use the link below to apply!

2023-2024 application is due 9/22/2023.  Fill yours out here.



Any questions, comments, concerns or inquiries — email Vicky Dillon, our TREK Advisor at v.dillon@journeytheater.org