Fall 2020 Virtual Shows

This fall, students will have a unique opportunity to concentrate on growing acting skills, the foundation for all high quality theater! In addition to an exciting lineup of freshly designed classes, we will be producing a variety of non-musical, virtual plays.

Join us live on the Journey YouTube channel for each of these great shows!

Mirror, Mirror  Friday, October 30th at 7pm
Quaranteens  Saturday, November 7th at 7pm
To Mrs. Claus Saturday, December 12th at 7pm


by Alex Alfieri

When online searches don’t work, what do children do if they have serious questions about the Big Man himself? Why, email Mrs. Claus, of course!

With a very long, pre-Christmas spreadsheet nearly completed, Mrs. C is in for a surprise when her Personal Elf Assistant Buddy informs her via video chat that there’s still much more to do: the North Pole email inbox is flooded with inquiries about everything from Santa’s health to how reindeers fly! Mrs. Claus resolves to reply to all the curious children’s messages, but quickly finds that she needs expert elfin advice to guide her best responses.

To: Mrs. Claus Show Playbill





by Brian D. Taylor

Characters don’t need modern day technology in this virtual fractured fairy tale — they have magic mirrors!

The Evil Queen wishes to be fairest of them all. But when her Magic Mirror informs her that it is Snow White who is most fair, the queen is livid! When asked how to find the princess, her mirror mentions that Snow White has run away. The Evil Queen summons great magic in hopes of finding Snow White — she can now to look through all mirrors throughout the kingdom. But there’s a catch… the magic also allows everyone else’s mirrors to show them what they most wish to see.

Mirror Mirror Show Playbill





A group of students want to regain normalcy and recoup what they’ve lost in the pandemic. But it’s not about the pandemic—because while our kids have lived through a historical event, it’s not who they are.  In Commence, a groups of students meet with their principal to discuss how they are going to end their high school careers.  Actors will also each be given a monologue from The Pandemic That Didn’t Define Them.  Each monologue is a strong, character driven piece that will be an excellent challenge for student actors.

QuaranTeens Show Playbill