Vancouver Thursday Classes

Winter - 2022

Vancouver Thursday Classes

at Vancouver Church of Christ

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Thursday Classes List - Winter - 2022

JT100 Journey Troupers (ages 6-7)

Teacher: Kylie Burton

Let your imagination take flight into the world of theater through song, music, and dance. The fun never stops in Troupers and includes theater basics while learning the foundations of performing in a safe, encouraging environment. Let your child take the spotlight! This age group is not eligible to audition for the session production.

DR090 Foundations of Drama (ages 8-18) CLASS IS FULL

Teacher: Cheri Hogan

Explore the building blocks of acting through creative movement, theater games, and more! You’ll be able to use your whole body, voice & facial expressions to portray any character you choose!

V090 Foundations of Voice (ages 8-18)

Teacher: Rebekka Ramirez

Whether you sing in your church choir, along with Rock Band, or just in the shower, singing can be fun! Learn how to put those pipes to use with good technique and style. In this interactive class, students will learn the fundamental concepts and training of the voice, learn proper posture and breathing techniques, phrasing and how to stay on pitch. Students will develop the confidence they need to perform solos in showcase through an encouraging learning environment.

CI100 Improv (ages 12-18) * CLASS IS FULL

Teacher: Myronie McKee

Pre-Requisite: DR090

Create drama, humor and stories on the spot. This class will give you the basic principles of improvisation and give you the confidence to embrace everything that is thrown at you when you don’t have a script in your hands. Learn team building skills that will strengthen your ability to play with your partners on stage. In this class, which focuses on short-form improv, you will learn how to live “in the moment” and confidently say “Yes!” to anything.

DR100 The Actor's Tool Box (ages 8-14) *

Teacher: Jessica Dore

Pre-Requisite: DR090

Building on skills introduced in DR090, this class will further develop the student’s vocal and physical skills—allowing them to present a clearly developed character’s emotional story to the audience. This is a recommended class before all the 200 level acting classes!

MT201 Auditions and Callbacks (ages 11-18) *

Teacher: Shanae Tullis

Pre-Requisite: DA090, DR090 and V090

Let’s face it. Auditions can be scary. But if you’re prepared and know the basics of the auditioning process, auditioning can actually be fun! This class will challenge and stretch you in the realm of musical theater focusing on techniques needed for Journey-style auditions. Learn how to pick and perform the right song, get your cold reading skills ready for callbacks, and your dance technique ready to shine.