Portland Classes

Spring - 2020

Portland Classes

Spring session update: Journey Theater Spring classes are moving ONLINE! Get details HERE. An email has been sent to currently registered families.


Here are a few things to be aware of:

1.) “090 Foundations of…” classes are our CORE CLASSES that serve as prerequisites for continuing on to other classes.

2.) Classes listed with a * have prerequisites.  Please read the class description for details before registering.

3.)  If you have a question as to whether you meet the prerequisites for a class you’d like to take, please email the Journey Registrar, Beth Maxwell.

4.) Classes fill quickly, and may fill before this page is updated. Remember to list your second choice class!

Fees and Payment Information

  • Early Registration: $230.00* (Spring 2020 Deadline: March 9th)
  • Standard Registration: $245.00*
  • *Additional fees: Some classes require additional fees or purchase of supplies (e.g. make-up kits or shoes).  See class description for details.
  • New Family Discount: Families enrolling a student for the first time are eligible for a discount for $25 off the total cost of registration. Enter the code FIRSTJOURNEY when registering online. This discount is given once per family.
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Monday Classes List - Spring - 2020

DR090A Foundations of Drama (ages 8-12)

Teacher: Kelsey Wallace

Explore the building blocks of acting through creative movement, theater games, and scene work. You’ll learn to use your whole body, voice & facial expressions to portray any character you choose!

DR090B Foundations of Drama (13-18)

Teacher: TBD

Explore the building blocks of acting through creative movement, theater games, and scene work. You’ll learn to use your whole body, voice & facial expressions to portray any character you choose!

MT400 Musical Performance: Disney's Lion King Kids (ages 8-13)

Teacher: Alec Martinez, Maria McClish, Peace Petitmermet

A fabulous performance opportunity is coming your way this spring! Musical Performance classes, open to 8 - 13 year olds, focus on singing, acting, and dancing, and will culminate in each class producing a full 30+ minute musical showcase! This will provide numerous exciting opportunities for young actors who might otherwise be overshadowed by their teenage peers. Each student will receive a t-shirt and script. Cost: regular class tuition plus a $75 production fee (paid at the time of registration). Get details Here

PR400B Musical Design: Disney's Lion King Kids (ages 12-18)

Teacher: Lauren Pickthorn

You’ve designed it…now build it! This class is the follow-up to PR400A and will implement the designs created during the Winter Session. Students in this class will serve as crew for the Musical Performance showcase. New students welcome - PR400A is not a prerequisite. Each student will receive a script and t-shirt. Cost: regular class tuition plus a $20 supplies fee.

DR204 Intermediate Drama: Intro to Shakespeare (ages 9-14) *

Teacher: Liana Parks

Pre-Requisite: DR090 required; another Drama class recommended

Hamlet, Juliet, Hotspur, Violet, Rosalind, Benedict. You will meet some of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters in this class. Learn how to appreciate and approach the work of the world’s most produced playwright, William Shakespeare.

DR300 Advanced Drama: Preparing for a Lead Role (ages 14-18) *

Teacher: Chris Bartell

Pre-Requisite: DR090 required; additional Drama classes recommended

The larger the role, the more complex the character can be…are you ready for a larger speaking part or even a lead? This class will show you how to up your acting game working with more complex characters and longer scenes—the emphasis will be on script and character analysis and bringing that character to the stage. You should take this class if you’ve had smaller parts in the past and want to be ready for larger roles or you plan to audition for a part with significant spoken lines.

DA109 Dance: Swing (ages 14-18) *

Teacher: Heather Huson

Pre-Requisite: DA090

From the Roaring 20’s thru the Big Band Era all the way to modern day, Swing Dancing has been at the heart of each generation. This class will introduce Solo Jazz Steps, 30’s Charleston (solo & partnered), basics of partnering West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop so you can really cut a rug on the dance floor! With these steps and techniques you’ll be able to approach a new dance partner with confidence.

CI500 Improv Team (ages 12-18) * CLASS IS FULL

Teacher: Bobby Nove

Pre-Requisite: CI100 and Audition

This class will serve as the rehearsal time and skill development for the Journey Theater improv teams. Focus on creating characters, group think, playing off your teammates, incorporating activities, emotions and accepting offers while learning the official games for Improv Invasion. Audition information is available on the Improv Invasion page, under the Camps and Events tab.

DA400 Year Long Dance Intensive (ages 13-18) * CLASS IS FULL

Teacher: Peace Petitmermet

Pre-Requisite: by audition (class members selected Fall 2019)

If you want to spend this year really focusing on advancing your dance skills, then this class is for you. Different teachers, different styles, one year-long class designed raise your dance game. Different styles scheduled for 2019-2020 at this location are Ballet/Contemporary (Fall), Jazz (Winter), and Tap (Spring).