Musical Performance Classes

A fabulous performance opportunity is coming your way this spring!  Musical Performance classes, open to 8 – 13 year olds, focus on singing, acting, and dancing, and will culminate in each class producing a full 30+ minute musical showcase! This will provide numerous exciting opportunities for young actors who might otherwise be overshadowed by their teenage peers.

Who?  Open to 8 – 13 year olds. No prerequisites.

What?  Each class will be working on a 30-40 minute version of a show to be performed at Spring Showcase.

When?  During our 2020 Spring Session of classes.  6pm – 8:15pm. Small groups of students may be called to stay until 9pm.

Beaverton Classes – Disney’s Frozen Kids.  Director: Holly Counts
Portland Classes – Disney’s Lion King Kids.  Director: Alec Martinez
Vancouver Mondays Classes- Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Kids.  Director: Kiana Williams

Why?  To give performance opportunities to younger students and to give parents a break from parent committee work.  

Cost?  Regular class tuition + a $75 production fee (paid with class registration).  Each student will receive a show shirt and script.  Fee also helps to cover a simple set, some accessory-type costumes, and props.  Families may be asked to provide a simple “base” costume (example: black pants and shirt).  

More information:

Each location will have space for 25 to 50 students.  As with all Journey classes, these classes (and corresponding show performance) are subject to cancellation if a minimum enrollment is not met.  If a cancellation occurs, an alternate class will be offered for students enrolled.

Students in these classes may audition for Pride and Prejudice or for Much Ado About Nothing. 13 year old students are also eligible to audition for Singin’ in the Rain.

See the Callboards on our website for more information on these shows.

Auditions for specific roles will take place during Week 1 of class.   Students do not need to prepare anything. These auditions are closed.  The cast list will be emailed to parents the evening following the first class night. 

Each of these classes will need a 16 – 18 year old student to serve as the Stage Manager/TA.  The person chosen will not pay Spring tuition and will be a part of the Musical Performance class each week to assist the Director and students.  This will count as the SM’s Spring class and they will be eligible to audition for a Spring show.  Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the first class day.  To apply, complete this application form   Applicants will be notified of Stage Manager selection no later than 10 days prior to the first class day. 

Students from the PR400B class in each area will serve as crew for the Showcase performance. 

Character opportunities:


Frozen Kids

Character details here

Lion King Kids

Character details here

Willy Wonka

Character details here

Young Anna, Middle Anna, and Anna 

Young Elsa, Middle Elsa, and Elsa 





King Agnarr

Queen Iduna






Storytellers, Townspeople, Snow Chorus,

Castle Staff, Housekeeper, Butler,

Handmaiden, Cook, Steward, Guard,

Summer Chorus







Young Simba


Young Nala









Willy Wonka 

Candy Man

Charlie Bucket

Grandpa Joe

Mr. Bucket

Mrs. Bucket

Phineous Trout

Oompa-Loompa Chorus

Augustus Gloop

Mrs. Gloop

Mike Teavee

Ms. Teavee

Violet Beauregarde

Veruca Salt

Grandma Josephina

Grandma Georgina

Grandpa George



The Candy Man Kids

Mrs. Beauregarde

Mr. Salt


Chorus Of Cooks