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Getting Started with Zoom & Google Hangouts

Getting Started with Zoom

If your student is using Zoom on a mobile device, be sure to download Zoom Client from whichever app store is appropriate.

If your student will be using Zoom on a computer, you can download the Zoom Client application to your computer. This will make connecting to meetings much faster. To download it, go to zoom.us.

Once you are there, hover over “Resources” I the upper right of the screen. A menu will appear that looks like this:

Click on “Download Zoom Client” and follow the prompts to install the application.

This is not a necessary step, however, so if you are not comfortable doing it, don’t worry. Your student will still be able to join the sessions from their browser.

When your student has joined their meeting, they will be placed in a waiting room, and will need to be admitted by the teacher. Once they are admitted, there will be controls at the bottom of the screen that look similar to this (some of these features won’t be on your student’s screen):

They will need to click “Start Video” and “Unmute” in order to be seen and heard. Be aware, the teacher has the ability to stop your student’s video and unmute them as needed to facilitate the best environment for their class. If they do this, your student will be able to restart the video when asked to by the teacher.


  • By default, Screen Sharing has been disabled, and Chat is only to the entire class. Your student will not be able to initiate private chats within the class session.
  • Please remind your student to NOT record their class. The teacher is the one who will record and upload the recording as Journey has been given permission to do so. Your student has not been given permission by the other students’ families to make recordings of them.

When the class session is over, your student can click on “End Meeting” to leave the call. The teacher will end the meeting, and students will not be able to rejoin afterwards.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Zoom has a lot of really helpful videos and walkthroughs that explain much of this as well. We encourage you to check those out if you want more detailed information. If you still have questions or need some help, email k.sauter@journeytheater.org and Kelly will help you troubleshoot.

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Log in to the Google Account you are going to be using for classes. In the upper right hand corner, click on the waffle icon

Scroll down until you see the Classroom App (If it is not there, you can look for it in the Google Apps marketplace)

The first time you use the application, you will be prompted to verify the google account you are using, and whether you are a student or a teacher. Select Student.

When you enter Classroom, this will be the top of your browser. Click the plus sign.

When prompted, enter the class code you were emailed and click “Join”.

This will take you to your Classroom. It will look something like this:

Each teacher will set up their class a little different, but the bulk of the material will be found in the Classwork section:

Here is where you will find the class sessions. Your teacher might title it differently, but this is where the links to each Zoom meeting should be listed, and then replaced by the video when the live session is over, like this:

Click on “View Assignment.” Your student will click on the Zoom meeting link and join the meeting, or if it the class session is over, they can click on the video when it is posted. It will play from Google Drive, so you may need to download an extension to play it directly. Google Drive will prompt you for that if it needs it.

After your student completes the session (either live, or watching the video later), they will need to click “Mark as done”. This will be how we can keep track of attendance.

There may be times your student is asked to submit a video of themselves as homework. The teacher will either set that as a separate assignment or include it as part of the session. Either way, once you have the video ready to go, your student will need to click “Add or create”.

This will bring up a drop-down menu, where you can choose where you want to pull the file from.

This way whatever your student is sending, it goes directly to the teacher’s Google classroom.

And that is it! Feel free to look around and familiarize yourselves with the features of Classroom. Your student can email their teacher via Classroom. If you are having trouble getting connected, you can also email k.sauter@journeytheater.org and Kelly will try to help you troubleshoot.