Journey Theater classes are a great way to introduce young people to different aspects of the theater arts, and help students gain confidence and develop performance skills.

Fall class registration is now closed.  Please check back in November for information on Winter classes!

Classes may be a combination of live stream (via Zoom), prerecorded instruction and individual or small group instruction and feedback; at the discretion of the teacher.  See each class description below for the scheduled live stream class time.

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Here are a few things to be aware of:

1.) “090 Foundations of…” classes are our CORE CLASSES that serve as prerequisites for continuing on to other classes.

2.) Classes listed with a * have prerequisites.  Please read the class description for details before registering.

3.)  If you have a question as to whether you meet the prerequisites for a class you’d like to take, please email the Journey Registrar, Beth Maxwell.

4.) Classes fill quickly, and may fill before this page is updated. Remember to list your second choice class!

Fees and Payment Information

  • Early Registration: $240.00* (Fall 2020 Deadline: September 7th)
  • Standard Registration: $255.00*
  • Second Class Discount:  Students who enroll in a second class get the second registration for $120.00!  (Make sure you enter both as a first-choice class. Second choices are used in case the first choice is unavailable.)
  • *Additional fees: Some classes require additional fees or purchase of supplies (e.g. make-up kits or shoes).  See class description for details.
  • New Family Discount: Families enrolling a student for the first time are eligible for a discount for $25 off the total cost of registration. Enter the code FIRSTJOURNEY when registering online. This discount is given once per family.
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Class List -

DR090 Foundations of Drama (ages 8-18)

Teacher: Chelsea Lapp

Class will be held Wednesdays, 5:30 - 7:00 pm
September 16 - November 18

Explore the building blocks of acting through creative movement, theater games, and scene work. You’ll learn to use your whole body, voice & facial expressions to portray any character you choose!

V090 Foundations of Voice (ages 8-18)

Teacher: Annalise Quarto

Class will be held Mondays, 4:00 - 4:45 pm plus video instruction
September 14 - December 7

Whether you love to sing in your church choir, along with Rock Band, or just in the shower—singing can be fun! Learn how to put those pipes to use with good technique and style. In this interactive class, you will learn the fundamental concepts and training of the voice and gain the confidence you need to perform solos in showcase and shows. This class is the foundation of all our voice classes!

DR203V Voiceovers: Act With Your Words! (ages 8-12) *

Teacher: David Bareford

Pre-Requisite: DR090

Class will be held Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
September 14 - November 4

What do animated movies, television commercials, audible books, movie trailers, and video games all have in common? They depend on the work of incredible voiceover actors, the unseen artists whose voices we hear but whose faces we never see! This class will draw on some of the techniques that voiceover professionals use to speak expressively, increase vocal creativity, and bring amazing characters to life using only the sound of their spoken words. This class is especially geared for younger actors as a way to begin exploring the incredible range of the actor's primary tool: the voice.

DR300 Video Shorts (ages 11-18)

Teacher: Grace Thompson and Beka Hardt

Class will be held Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm
September 14 - November 4

Learn the art of creating, storyboarding, filming, and editing clever and engaging video shorts while exploring a collaborative creative process. Students will need a video recorder (phone or camera) and a computer with iMovie or other video editing software.

DR305 Acting for the Camera (ages 11-18) *

Teacher: Melissa Bareford

Pre-Requisite: DR090

Class will be held Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
September 14 - November 16

So you want to be in the movies? This class will fine tune your acting with specific emphasis on skills that are vital to acting on camera: playing subtext, active listening and reacting, acting "in the moment," and making a variety of strong, playable acting choices. In addition, this class will introduce skills specifically related to on-camera work: basic camera technique, location specific eye-lines, eye-line for multiple partners, piggybacks, continuity, physicality for camera, reading a shot list, hitting your mark, and more. Our final project/showcase will be a short film featuring you!

DR205C Diving Deep into Character Acting (ages 12-18) *

Teacher: Jon Jacquet

Pre-Requisite: DR090

Class will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30 - 8:30 pm
September 15 - November 5

Have you ever been cast in a show and were given a fun character but you didn’t know where to start? Maybe you know some funny voices but don't know what to do with them? Or maybe you just want to kick your character acting up a notch. Then this class is for you. We are going to be diving deep into characters— learning how to break down a character’s essence, learn what makes them tick, how they think, and how to better “become” that character. We will explore character through improv games and we will also be learning how to create a character bible. There will be a good amount of writing outside of class time. This is a great class for aspiring improvisers!

MT300 How to Write a Musical (ages 13-18)

Teacher: Annalise Southwood

Class will be held Thursdays, 7:30 - 8:45 pm
September 17 - December 10

Have you dreamed of writing your own musical? This class guides students through the stages of coming up with a concept, planning an effective plot, building characters, and strategizing where to place songs. As a class, we’ll come up with a concept and outline, and then flesh out a couple of songs and scenes. For showcase, we’ll share part of our own original show! In addition to working on our class project, students will be expected to work outside class on their own individual musical – we want to help you each launch a project that can keep going well beyond the class!